About us

Sventl Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is essentially a Singapore based technology and innovation firm, dedicated to fulfil the comprehensive needs of business enterprises, across Asia as well as the Pacific Region. We proudly boast of offering our impeccable solutions and services, in a wide array of fields ranging from Engineering to Embedded Systems and Micro-electronics. Our customer centric pattern of working and our endeavour towards extensive approach towards all our projects have made us the most sought after in the industry.

Our core activities comprise of serving our clients in the fields of ASIC/ASSP/IP/FPGA design, SoC design, Architecture, Modelling, IP integration, Simulation and Synthesis, Functional and formal verification (C, Specman, system Verilog, …), validation, Digital Back End design (Netlist to GDSII), place & route, CTS, OCV, IR drop, STA, Physical Verification, STF , DFT , Analog Design, Full custom Layout, Mixed Signal, Bench Testing, Characterization testing and ATE testing and much more.

Our strength lies in challenging conventions and delivering the unexpected to all our clients, not just on paper but execute even in practice. Our very presence in the heart of Asia's fastest growing economy, Singapore, stands as a testimony towards our uncompromising endeavour of to ignite our business activities with the utmost passion and vehemence. And it is through this inherent quality, we promise our clients of delivering highly efficient and relatively much more balanced services than most of our competitors in the market! We have taken sincere efforts on every step of the way to ensure that our services and solutions are of extremely high quality, are relevant and tailored to meet the needs of the customers, and more importantly are delivered in a timely and accurate manner, thus benefiting one and all present in the chain.



We work with the mission of availing quality services and solutions that are best suited for the business needs of our varied clientele. At Sventl Asia Pacific, we strive to offer perfection in all that we do, with an intention to work in liaison with budding entrepreneurs, along with public and private institutions alike.


Apart from offering timely and tailor made solutions to our clients, Sventl Asia Pacific was established with a vision to grow exponentially with respect to the members of our staff and establishing our presence throughout the Asia Pacific Region and subsequently delve into the field of Research and Development!

OUR Core Values

At Sventl Asia Pacific , we are guided by the philosophy of 'Keeping the Customers First' and it is for this reason that all our functions are designed in a manner that we're able to deliver the best of services in a timely and accurate manner! In a bid to proffer even better services to our clients, we ensure that we cater to a large number of industries including but not limited to Semiconductor and Electronics, Manufacturing, Automotive, Automation, Telecommunications and etcetera.


Our professionals’ team is highly driven and dedicated to gain perpetual client's loyalty by trading our solutions and services on time with adept quality, planning and control. All members of our team come with a significant amount of experience, thereby adding value to our organisation.

Our Team at Sventl Asia Pacific comprises of Project Managers, Team Leaders, Senior and Associate Engineers, IC design Engineer (Front end and Back end), Verification & Validation Engineers, Product Test Engineers, Layout Design Engineer, Test and characterization Engineers and etcetera.

Our team firmly believes in building up a strong relationship with our customers while each of us sense our personal responsibility in driving excellence.

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